LikeNET takes the guess work out of customer satisfaction, lead and traffic generation.

News and Events

LikeNET is a new effort to motivate local consumers to give feedback and interact with local businesses. Ask us how LikeNET can help your business, or sign up to earn some money for simple actions like clicking "Like" writing reviews or filling out surveys!

Featured Campaign

LikeNET On-Site!

LikeNET On-Site, our latest offer, creates a free and fun photo opportunity for your guests. When they visit your business, they can have their photo taken with whoever or whatever represents your business (building, monument, mascot, beautiful background) and then redeem their photo on LikeNET using a code but only after completing a quick customer satisfaction survey! This gives your business real data you can use. Perfect for events, tourist destinations, and more!

LikeNET Campaigns:

  • Lead Generation

    Want to create more sale/business leads?
  • Facebook Likes

    Want Facebook Likes?
  • Website Traffic

    Want website traffic?
  • Google +1s

    Increase your SEO with +1s.
  • Reviews

    Want positive, relevant reviews on a social site? Google Places, Yelp, UrbanSpoon etc..
  • eSurvey

    Want targeted, or nationwide consumers to fill out a survey?
  • Foot Traffic Generator

    Want consumers to come into your store? Use the CodeInStore system!
  • Phone Call Generator

    Want consumers to call you? Use the Phone4Code system!